Release 202405.1

May 15, 2024

Exciting time ahead as we begin to increase our focus into edumix. With that being said (announced), we will be aiming to push updates on a monthly basis. Meaning you can expect different improvements and new features across edumix every month.

As for May update we have several new features which we believe will boost students learning experience. But our biggest update goes for teachers and institute owners.

Edumix Teacher App

Brand new experience for teachers. We know how hard and annoying it can be to manage and monitor class details. Imagine being on stage looking students coming in wondering how many have attended today. Now that information is at your fingertip via Edumix Teacher App.

With the all new teacher app teachers/ institute can,

  • Check overall revenue (current and past months)
  • Class revenue (current and past months)
  • Class revenue breakdown card wise
  • Class attendance (both online and physical)
  • Class student list

Yes, we have a long way to go. We already have plans for ton of more features.

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